Times Have Changed. But We’re Still Here For Democratic Groups And Other Organizations.

In these times of the social distancing, we have a fundraising solution for you.

Your Group Can Benefit From Sales At At No Cost To You.

  • In place of your own store, you can refer your supporters to our store using a special link we supply you with. All sales at that location will be credited to your organization.
  • You can still buy wholesale from us.

Here’s How It Works.

  • Your organization has its own unique link to
  • Your supporters buy products
  • We provide you with a list of retail and wholesale prices.
  • The wholesale price is the same price charged when you order products for your office, group or club.
  • Your organization receives the difference between the retail price and our wholesale price for each product.
  • Shipping is FREE on retail orders. Appropriate sales tax will be charged.
  • You will receive electronic copies of the sales as we open them.
  • A check for your portion of the sales will be sent to you every 2 weeks or sooner.

Here's What You Have To Do.

  • Sign up using the Contact Form. Within a day or two you can let people know where they can start shopping.
  • Promote your unique location on the store (a web address) to your campaign workers, phone-text bankers, donors and others.
  • Use Facebook, Instagram and newsletters to let people know where to shop and to alert them to new products or special offers.
  • Cash the checks!

Questions? Ready To Go?

Fill out the brief form on the Contact Us page.

Write or call us with questions.

Quality Products! Great Service! But Don’t Take Our Word For It.

Here are comments from several past customers.

I have worked with Judy and ForeAmerica since 2011, and I highly recommend her merchandise but perhaps even more important is her availability, personal service and willingness to go to great lengths to provide whatever we need in a time efficient manner.

Judy is our go-to swag provider and I couldn’t be more pleased with the service!

Pam Salvatierra, Democratic Volunteer Center Board Chair and Director of Operations, San Francisco Mid-Peninsula

For over a decade and in multiple Presidential Headquarters, I have worked with Judy Horst and her company. It has been an absolutely terrific working relationship, and I plan to continue getting quality merchandise from her company this year.

Gary Bettman, Manager Presidential Headquarters, Los Angeles, (Hillary16, Obama12, Obama08, Kerry04)

Thank you for supporting us with exceptional customer service and quality merchandise. We have depended on you for years, and you have always more than fulfilled our expectations. We look forward to our continuing partnership.

Anne Wolf, Merchandising, United Democratic Headquarters, Pasadena Area

Judy's company has been a good customer of ours for many years. This is a very good idea for 2020, and it's one that offers great flexibility for our clubs and organizations.

Pat Hobbs, Max Hobbs Political Memorabilia since 1994, Past President of the National Federation of Democratic Women.

Union Made, American Made Products.

Since 2004, has wholesaled tees, totes, campaign pins, bumper stickers, hats, and other products to Democratic offices and groups in California and across the country. This will continue, and we will also provide campaign signs for local/national candidates and custom products for groups of all kinds.  Sourcing some hats, tees and totes is challenging these days, and if we must use products that are not US made, we will indicate that on the product page.

You Can Still Purchase Products At Wholesale.

We continue to ship products to groups at wholesale prices, and when you open an office or need products for your voter registration efforts and other events, let us know. We will provide you with a way to order online, or you can order by phone or e-mail. Actual shipping costs will be added to your order.