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This e-commerce site offers a unique selection of political apparel and gifts. Wherever possible our products are made in the USA and union made.

It has always been our desire to sell quality products including bumper stickers, campaign pins, car magnets, tees and totes. We even provide campaign signs for many groups.

It has always been our philosophy to give something back to various causes; so, we work with various political, environmental, educational, and cultural organizations to help them raise money using our products. We offer them wholesale pricing and custom products for stores they manage, too.

We also serve customers across the US directly in addition to working with Democratic Campaign Offices, candidates and various progressive causes.

We are located in Menlo Park, California and part of Group Fore Productions, a woman-owned business which has been a catalog company since the mid-1980s, and has owned and operated online businesses since 1998, including ForeAmerica.com and FlyingPanda.com

In the midst of this pandemic, we offer Democratic offices and other groups the opportunity to raise much needed funds through the sale of merchandise to those who volunteer with them and support them. Learn more about how your organization can be part of CampaignStore2024.com.

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