Cry Baby Trump Pinatas (2-pack)



Customer Creations

Order Two & Save While Supporting Democrats

Save 20% when you buy 2 at one time, shipped to the same address. Shipping is FREE, and a 30% donation will be made to your organization if you used its link when you came into the store, or to to support the Georgia Run-Off Election campaign.

These piñatas are perfect gifts for like-minded friends and relatives, or they can serve as an art project for you and others. Above all, they are much needed outlets for many years of frustration. 

Decorate Baby Trump, display him, and if you desire, use it as a pinata. But, be sure to send us photos of your creation.

Cry Baby Trump measures 14 inches long by 18 inches tall by 4 inches deep. It can be used in many ways: as a table centerpiece decoration, photo prop and party game. It features an opening at the back for adding candies and other treats. Or skip the treats and whale away at it. You have to provide your own stick.

How to fill the piñata: Due to COVID-19, you will have to supply your own fillers for this piñata. Search for an opening at the back of the piñata. The opening may be covered by the tissue paper but it will give to gentle pressure. Insert fillers through opening and close the flap door.

How to play party games: Your piñata comes with a cable tie that may be used for hanging it. Tie the end of a rope to the piñata’s hanger and throw the other end over a branch or beam. Pull the rope so the piñata swings up and down. Guests must take turns to beat it with a stick. Add a blindfold and spin players around for extra fun!